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Welcome to Camera Anima, a point-and-click steampunk visual novel for desktop platforms.


A Summary

Camera Anima is a point-and-click visual novel game about twin sisters, a series of serial killings stretching across decades, and an automaton who takes the souls of those who meet its face. 

On the Floating Isles of Awyr, citizens live in a society where their livelihoods and social status are defined by the masks or “Faces” they wear. Though attitudes are slowly changing towards the Face-system, there are rumors that those who wander the streets at night without a Face become prey to the Artisan, doomed to turn up as a stylistically arranged corpse.

Taking on the role of Essie Flaversham, pursue the Artisan to save her sister, Giselle, and uncover the truth behind a series of serial murders across decades.   


  • Adventure Visual Novel: Point-and-Click gameplay  inspired by a combination of western adventure games and visual novel storytelling. Find optional interactions, secrets, and bad endings. 
  • Exploration Wheel: Use the exploration wheel, to interact with the world in multiple ways.
  • Interactive Environments: Explore and solve a number of levels, combining problem solving with a rich narrative.
  • Timed Events: As events occurs, determine whether it is better to wait or act.
  • Original Art and Music: Original art and music created specifically for Camera Anima.

In development! For Updates, Follow Us @

Press Kithttps://expressomutt.itch.io/camera-anima-presskit


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The demo looks good, really interested in the world & if the masks will have a significant impact on how the story unfolds. Good luck with the Kickstarter!


Thank you so much again, Cryptic! The masks do have an impact in status in the game, that's for sure.